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We treat our editors with respect and pay them well. This ensures that editors have history with us and enjoy working here. This makes a difference in the quality of work they deliver. Quality matters to us because we work on important projects that can affect people's reputations and livelihoods. Hiring high-caliber editors lets us thrill our clients with the results that we deliver. Trial-and-error shows us that saving a few dollars isn't worth the sacrifice to quality. You will remember quality long after the lure of a price-cut is exhausted.

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5.0 out of 5-star rating!

I hired Gramlee to edit my dissertation. They did an amazing job and elevated my writing. Was worth the money- I would definitely use them again if I need anything edited!

Chandra O. Teachers' perceptions of standards-based grading

I just wanted to let you know I got the principal position! I appreciate all your help in editing my application essays and letter of intent. It let me focus on preparing for the interview questions and scenario situations. Again, I truly appreciate your help! Thank you!

Emily Rhew Application Essays for School Leadership Position

Phenomenal company. They are responsive and even exceed the expectations communicated on their website. I shopped around, looking into alumni services, freelancers, and bigger companies. Ultimately, it became clear to me that Gramlee was the best option for taking my dissertation proposal to the next level. I highly recommend Gramlee!

Derek Porter Dissertation: Saints Action Research Program as Effective Professional Development

I was stressed with an odd and challenging editing request. Gramlee was responsive, detailed, and exceeded my expectations!

Keisha M. Dissertation: [Private]

Gramlee provided timely, helpful, and easy-to-integrate editing for my dissertation. In the process, they taught me important principles for how to write effectively.

Robert Spivey Dissertation: Critical Analysis of Murray Bookchin's Social Ecology

Great company, great customer service, great pricing...thorough job editing my dissertation.

Anita W. Dissertation: Perceptions of Black Educators Seeking Employment in Connecticut's Education System

Every member of my committee said that it was one of the best, most well-written dissertations they had read. I could not have done it without Gramlee.

John W. Dissertation: Kant and the Non-Spatiality of Things in Themselves

My dissertation was nominated for a departmental award. My chair and committee were impressed with the quality of my work. Thank you for the excellent service!

Latrecha S. Dissertation: Self-advocacy and Motivation of Students with Physical Disabilities

I saved months on the editing process of my dissertation. They are an exceptional editing service that is current with APA and academic dissertation standards. I highly recommend Gramlee to any doctoral student.

Arron G. Dissertation: Smart Buildings Design Theory

I successfully defended my dissertation and your staff played a HUGE role in my success. The editor's notes and suggestions were very comprehensive and constructive. Thank you for your assistance, editing, and advice. I couldn't have done it without Gramlee!!!

Loretta T. Dissertation: A Phenomenological Study of the Homework Practices in the Self-Contained Special Education Classroom

I used Gramlee throughout the process of writing my dissertation. The result was a flawless document! Their editors strive for perfection. I highly recommend Gramlee to anyone looking for expert editing.

Michele P. Dissertation: The Relationship Between Coping Responses and Perceptions About Nursing Student Incivility

After 10 months and numerous revisions by other companies, Gramlee's editors were able to get me to the next step in my doctoral study process within 48 hours! First-class service.

Leroy D. Dissertation: Cyber Security Training for the Department of Defense

Brilliant editing service! I guarantee that using Gramlee will make your life easier and make your blog posts more effective.

Kendrick Shope (Named one of the nation's top selling experts)

... at a loss of words as I try to describe the awesome editing powers that the folks at Gramlee possess!

Zev Lewinson Author - children's books

I know my dissertation wasn't easy to edit. You were consistent and sharp. My voice is preserved, and my research is now clearer and more presentable. I have a deep appreciation for you!

Mr. Alazri Dissertation: Marketability of Tourism Small Business

I got into Columbia with a full scholarship, and your help was appreciated! If you were a girl, I'd ask you out!

Rahul Menon Student

The work was perfect. The staff really cared and took the time to contact me with questions. They wanted to make sure I was happy. I have bookmarked Gramlee for my future editing needs.

Chris M. Dissertation: Education Reform using Common Core Standards

The edits really helped with clarity and accuracy. The comments were both helpful and encouraging. Thank you for all your help!

Ana A. Dissertation: Displacement, Religious Radicalisation, and the Role of Education in Palestinian Terrorism, and the Transferrable Implications for Global Terrorism

Gramlee is AMAZING! I can't believe how easy the edits were to follow with Track Changes.

Allison R. Dissertation: The Impact of Literacy Coaching on Elementary Teachers? Beliefs and Practice of Writing Instruction.

The editing was superb. Thank you for including the comments and notes. I learned a ton from you!

Mercy L. Dissertation: The Return of Genetic Research Results in the Context of an International Colon Cancer Family Registry