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  • We handle grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, brevity, and overall readability.


Our copy editing services

Your friends can give you grammar advice for free. Why should you use Gramlee?

Our editors go beyond grammar, spelling, and punctuation. That is proofreading. Copy editing is more than proofreading. It's a mixed art that marries proper grammar, language mechanics, and clarity. The goal is to make your writing clear, concise, and an absolute pleasure to read. Our editors go beyond grammar and focus on contextual prose, verb-tense consistency, and the use of power phrases that dangle carrots in front of your readers' emotions.

The bottom line is that our service will ensure your writing is grammatically correct and leaves an impact on your readers.

Writing for your amygdala

People never digest a document as a disjointed series of lines. Instead, our mind summarizes the entire reading session into a core idea that leaves an imprint on our amygdala - the part of the brain that processes emotional reactions. This imprint contains our emotional reaction about the content and its author.

Gramlee exists to help you leave a powerful imprint on your reader's amygdala.