Dissertation editing services

Students at for-profit and nonprofit universities rely on our dissertation editors to move their research forward to the next stage of their doctoral journey. Dissertations with a healthy mix of research and engaging academic narrative are the ones that stand out and are a pleasure to read. An experienced dissertation editor knows how to use both elements to get your paper approved.

A dissertation is more than a journal of your research. It's a narrative with a story to tell. Your story starts with a problem or research question, has characters in the form of primary research and evidence, includes analysis and your authentic interpretation of the research, and concludes by proposing answers or meaning to the questions that started your story. Your paper shares many similarities to stories or screenplays.

How to intelligently compare dissertation editors

The top two things to look for when comparing dissertation editors is the quality of editors and how transparent the company is with what they do and don't know. In order to help you get your paper to the next stage, an editor must also deeply understand the research process and reasons why doctoral review committees approve or reject a PhD student's paper. Quality dissertation editing services employ people who understand and apply this perspective during their edits.

Anyone with an English degree can make your writing grammatically correct. But, will your editor ensure you are delivering facts to adequately back your analysis? Will they ensure your sources are cited properly? Will they catch areas where a source is needed but missing? Will they check if your paper follows the dissertation structure prescribed by your university? Will they even know to ask for your university's dissertation handbook? Will they understand the intent of each section of the paper and make sure your content supports the intent? Will they ensure your document is a pleasure to read and something you can be proud to put your name on?


Copy editing is not the same as proofreading

Even if you choose not to hire one of our dissertation editors, here's one piece of advice to apply wherever you decide to go for your editing needs: choose a dissertation editor who copy edits and not just proofreads. Make sure the editing service you choose understands the difference between copy editing and proofreading. If they don't, you will risk hiring an editor who simply proofreads for punctuation instead of diving into the mechanics of your writing.

What's included in our dissertation editing service

Gramlee stands behind our work by guaranteeing that your paper will not be rejected for reasons related to structure, writing mechanics, documentation, or linguistic professionalism. If you apply our suggestions, your paper will get the next stage. We have stood behind this promise since we started in 2007.

Here is a full list of things we cover in our dissertation editing service:

  • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Subject/verb agreements
    • Tense consistency
  • Stylistic elements
    • Word or phrase redundancy
    • Wordiness
    • Active vs. passive voice
    • Eliminating sentences that add little or no value
  • Tone and cultural sensitivity
    • Keeps locale and subject matter in mind
    • Ensures your writing does not cross political and cultural sensitivities
  • Organization
    • Sentence structure
    • Proper use of paragraphs
    • Logical layout and sequence of paragraphs
    • Table of contents, list of figures, charts, tables, etc.
  • Documentation and citations
    • Ensure that you credit others’ ideas and do not accidentally present as your own
    • Proper format for citations
  • Adherence to the style required by your institution
    • APA
    • MLA
    • CMS
    • Others (too many to list)
  • Diction and appropriate language for your subject and audience
  • American English vs. British English (we can edit for either)
  • Overall flow and readability of the dissertation

Full transparency: what our service will not do

We stand behind our doctrine on ethics. Here are things we refuse to engage:

  • We cannot create content for you. We are not a dissertation writing service.
  • We cannot conduct research for you.
  • We will not edit a paper that we feel has been plagiarized or purchased.

How to get started with a Gramlee dissertation editor

  1. Email us a draft of your dissertation.
  2. We will provide an estimate of time and cost within twelve (12) hours. We review each paper to ensure we have the proper expertise to deliver an amazing product. We'll be honest with you if we do not have the proper expertise.
  3. If you decide to proceed, we will email an invoice that you can pay online using your Credit Card or PayPal.

Once payment is received, a dissertation editor will be assigned within 24 hours. They will begin work.

Once the editor is finished with the project, we will email you a revised dissertation and an editor's notes document. The latter contains notes from the editor that go beyond editing. The goal behind these notes is to help you in your dissertation journey. Our editors use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. This gives you control to view, accept, or reject each change.

Of course, you will always have access to our editors in case you have questions.

Avoid editing services that offer quick turnarounds

Our editors are held to a strict standard of quality. They are required to cap their editing to 4,000 words per day. Experience tells us that exceeding this threshold leads to editing fatigue and a deterioration in quality. Yes, you guessed right: services that promise lightning-fast edits are in business to maximize profits over a quality final product. Even worse, they are doing it on your dime by charging you more for less quality.