Affordable dissertation editing services: a lifeline for Ph.D. students


Navigating the world of academia is no easy task. Writing a dissertation is no exception. Your spent years researching and writing, and not you’re facing the task for finding an affordable dissertation editing the doesn’t break the bank. These services offer a lifeline to students, ensuring their hard work is presented in the best possible light.

The importance of dissertation editing

Dissertation […]

Unveiling the power of specialized editing services for Ph.D. dissertations

Your Ph.D. dissertation is a monumental piece of work that marks the culmination of years of research, study, and determination to reaching the finish line in your academic journey. But as you’re likely aware, the journey from first draft to final submission is a long one, fraught with challenges. One of the most significant challenges to finishing your dissertation is […]

How to review the best dissertation editing services

Review the reviews
Didn’t our parents warn us not to believe everything we read? This advice rings especially true online where trust, ethics, and honesty are often thrown out of the window in favor of more website visitors and better search rankings. Unless you’ve been hiding under a shell, you know about the shady practice many websites deploy to publish stellar, but […]

Read this before using free online proofreading services

Stop! Your document will thank you for it.

While we all relish things that are free, this is one case where it can do more harm than good. The only way an online proofreading service can be free is if they have figured out a way to automate the editing and grammar correction using a computer algorithm, which is a fancy […]

Misplaced, Dangling, and Squinting Modifiers

Mistakes with modifiers are tough to detect. Most armchair writers don’t know what modifiers are. Misplaced modifiers are one of the most common grammatical errors and cause of humor. Your writing will become clearer when you learn how to spot and correct misplaced, dangling and squinting modifiers.
Misplaced Modifiers
Modifiers can be a word, phrase or clause that describes another word or […]

Comma checker – a guide on using commas

Writers communicate meaning and intent with the words they use. There are, however, different ways of relating words that can only be communicated with a comma. Consider this example punctuation differences in a statement in a will from Albert Joseph’s guide “Put it in Writing!”  (P. 210):

I hereby bequeath all of my worldly possessions to the first of my offspring, […]

Dissertation writing tips

Writing a dissertation may be your final step to a long academic career. The process is seldom looked upon with great anticipation and excitement. In many ways it is comparable to writing a book. It is a self-directed process without weekly deadlines, meetings, discussion groups, or assignments. It is the longest writing task you have undertaken, and you are on […]

Avoid egregious writing errors with copy editing services

Write long enough and you will eventually pass all of life’s basic grammar tests. While you may not be able to quote the rules and semantics of the English language, you undoubtedly don’t commit egregious and dopey errors in your sentences and paragraphs.

But even educated adults who write a lot commit less glaring – and quite common – writing errors. […]

Indefinite Articles – “A” or “An” before “H”? Blame the confusion on the French.

It’s easy to remember what indefinite article to use before most words:

Use “a” before words that begin with a consonant as in “a banana,” “a xylophone,” or “a red convertible.”
Use “an” before words that begin with a vowel as in “an apple,” “an editor,” or “an eager beaver.”

However, words that start with the letter “H” do not follow the rule […]