Online grammar check

Here’s the trick bloggers and writers don’t want you to know: they rely on online grammar check services to ensure their writing is crisp and a joy to read. That’s the way writers and bloggers consistently produce lots of top quality content. The ability to copy, paste, and submit your writing on a website to have it checked for grammar, punctuation, and spelling can ensure your writing is professional and grammatically accurate. It can save you the time it takes to edit every piece of writing you produce.

Use online grammar check websites that employ humans, not software

Many online grammar check websites use software algorithms to check your writing. This increases their profits at your expense. I don’t see the point of this because tools such has Microsoft Word already offer grammar check as part of the built-in feature set. Why use an online grammar check service to do what your software can already do?

Instead, make sure your online grammar check service uses human editors who can fix your writing for things a software algorithm can never handle. For example, human editors can check context, tone, redundancy, and ensure you are using power words that leave an impact on your readers. If you need more proof that human editors are the way to go, read this article that shows an example of where software-based grammar check tools fail.

Make sure you are being charged by number of words, not number of pages

Don’t fall into this trap of paying by page. The most straight-forward pricing model for online grammar check services is one that charges you by number of words. This makes irrelevant other artifacts such as font size, line spacing, and margins. With flat pricing by word, it doesn’t matter what your font size or page margins are. You only pay for the words you write. If your document uses 1 inch margins, why should you have to pay more than someone who cleverly uses half-inch margines with size 7 font?

Make sure the online grammar check service offers a money-back guarantee

Nothing is worse than getting back a professionally revised version that is not grammatically accurate. You paid them to make sure your writing is professional. If a grammar service does not offer a full money-back guarantee, don’t use their services. Any service worth their words will back up their expertise with a satisfaction guarantee.

Paid versus free services

Some people can’t understand why they should pay for online grammar check. If you find a software-based grammar check service, they will likely be free or ad-supported. Services that employ real editors will cost money because the company has to pay real money to quality editors who have spent years learning the craft of copy editing and proofreading. You really get what you pay for in the world of grammar check.