DailyWritingTips interviews the founder of Gramlee

The popular blog DailyWritingTips interviews Rushang Shah, founder of Gramlee, with seven pointed questions about common mistakes people make, the effects of Twitter on proper grammar, and the single most important writing tip that people of all skill levels can immediately apply.

Read the full interview from 2009 here.

Here is a preview of the seven questions that DailyWritingTips asked.

  1. What is Gramlee, and why should people use it?
  2. Can you give us examples of who uses Gramlee and how they've benefited from the service?
  3. Can you share some of the interesting (or funny) Gramlee pieces you've received from customers? What types of things do you typically see?
  4. Can you give our readers a Top 5 list of the most common grammatical and writing errors that you've seen?
  5. Why do computers fail miserably at proofreading and copy editing?
  6. How has the conversational style of writing that takes place in social media environments like Twitter and Facebook impacted the overall quality of writing?
  7. What's the single most important writing tip that you can give people?
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