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When a pen is truly mightier than a sword

Poisonous pen mightier than sword

A poisonous-bullet pen is mightier, deadlier, and stealthier than a sword if your intent is to kill. South Korean activist Park Sang-hak learned this in a failed assassination attempt on his life by a North Korean spy wielding a Parker ballpoint pen that was designed to shoot a bullet filled with poison.

And you thought James Bond was the only one with such gagets…?

The plan was nothing short of a Hollywood movie. I guess North Korean spies aren’t big on writing with pens. Instead, this spy planned to kill Sang-hak. South Korean authorities caught the spy before we was able to meet up with Sang-hak. They gave the ballpoint pen to forensics who then had a great time trying the pen and documenting its powers on video for all to see.