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Research paper editing techniques that deliver results

Universities rely on potent research to build credibility as pioneers in discovery and education. Research papers draw grants, private business and partnerships, alumni funds, civic partnership, acclaimed academic talent, and political and media attention. Academic staff will fight to attach themselves to a university rooted in research because their career trajectories depend on it.

Non-experts are expert editors

The most effective research paper editing technique is to find an editor who is not an expert in the field you are researching. While counter-intuitive, this method works because such editors approach the task of research paper editing without subject-matter bias. This allows the research paper editing to be executed as a detective would a case, looking for any and all holes in the content.

Visibility depends on the title and summary

Research paper editing can have dramatic results on the visibility of your discovery or findings. Having a professional edit the paper can mean the difference between research being picked up by a journalist or overlooked based on amateurish writing or presentation. Papers that picked up by other prominent researchers or the media can have both financial and prestigious returns for the author and university funding the research.  Research paper editors will establish a meaningful and titillating title and summary, the two most visible elements of any paper. A title that both serves the theme of your paper as well as intrigues the reader can often make the difference between inclusion in a journal or admittance into the computer’s recycling bin.

Eliminate industry jargon

The research paper editing process will also eliminate industry jargon that is used by the author. Research experts with years of experience forget that virgin readers of their paper may not be privy to the jargon or preconceptions of the author of the paper.  Removing such jargon renders the research paper a joy to read instead of a test of patience.

Super-charge the credibility of your paper

Lastly, research paper editing plays an important role in the overall credibility of the paper. With months, and often years, of research work put into each discovery or finding, it is a disproportionate gamble to hold your hard work hostage to amateur research paper editing services.  Instead, your money is well spent to find a professionally-trained and unbiased editor.

Research paper editing is one of the final processes a project goes through prior to public consumption. Do not cannibalize your paper’s visibility and credibility by not using a professional service to edit your literature.