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Grammar check service

A grammar check service can be of two general types, software or human. When accuracy is required, choose human grammar checkers over a software-based grammar check service.  Grammar is a complex and contextual science with many nuances that cannot be automated with rules.  It has been tried many times over, and the best algorithms have been able to do is rectify a majority of grammatical errors.  The majority, unfortunately, is not good enough when it comes to readers of your writing.

Here is a very simple experiment that involves two sentences.

1. He came form the kitchen.
2. He came from the kitchen.

Software-based grammar checkers like Microsoft Word will fail to find the mistake in the first sentence.  (I tried it.)  A grammar check service run by humans will find the error.

A human grammar checker overlays practical wisdom on grammar rules to ensure the final written document is both accurate and an enticing read.

For example, let’s assume you are writing a horror story.  Here are two versions of the same sentence.

Original: He came from the kitchen.
He slithered quietly into the house from the kitchen.

Which version will you prefer to include in your story?  The revised sentence establishes a more descriptive visual that fits the context – a fictional horror story.

But what if I have a friend who is an English major?

We all have at least one friend who is an English or literature genius. English majors worth their words are experts at grammar.  They understand the semantics of English.  What they may not know is how to copy edit in a manner that caters to the desired audience.  Copy editing goes above and beyond a grammar check service.  It requires a mesh of skill and art, just as a clay potter artistically spins clay.  Experience is the teacher for a copy editing, while passion drives the art.

Furthermore, a friend may not be as aggressive as a detached third-party.  A friend has a vested interest in their relationship with you.  A professional grammar check service will not skew feedback based on relationship semantics.  They examine your documents as a private investigator does cases.  Employ a grammar check service to ensure any and all errors are brought to light.